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 We are a friendly and charasmatic church based in Hackenhorpe Sheffield and are part of the Ground Level Network.

We are a family church, committed to each other and to serving the local community and surrounding areas in different ways. As a church our collective vision is:


  • to be a community of people who love Jesus with sincere passion, and care greatly about other people.

  • to reach the broken hearted, the vulnerable and marginalised people.

  • to be a resource to the local community, a people who are available and a place where you can always go for help.

  • to help release people into their God given destiny as they serve God in everyday life in all aspects of society.

  • to be people of influence for Jesus equipped to change the world through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.

This vision is summed up by the phrase; family on a journey to know God and make Him known.

Want to know more about the Christian faith? Visit our Alpha page for information.

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