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SVCC acts as a satellite distribution centre for New Hope Food Bank. If you're interested in helping throughout the S12 area please see below for contact details.
According to a recent foodbank survey a massive 2.5 Million emergency parcels have been given to people in crisis, this figure doesn't include independent foodbank churches such as New Hope.



Out of the people using food banks:

- 94% were facing "real destitutions" and were unable to buy essentials to stay warm, dry, clean and fed.

- 23% were homeless

- Over two thirds had experienced problems with the benefit system in the year before they needed emergency food

- Over three quarters were in arrears, most commonly rent, and 40% were repaying debts.

- In the year prior to using a food bank seven in ten responders reported at least one "challenging life experience" such as divorce or eviction,

whilst a large minority also reported having an "adverse work related experience" such as loosing a job or reduction in work hours.

- Nearly 75% reported at least one health issue in their household, over half of which were mental health problems.

- 22% were single parents 

- Nearly half were single person households

- 89% were born in the UK, slightly above the 86% of the population as a whole. 


Reason for crisis includes:

  • Bereavement of partner

  • Job losses and furlough due to Covid-19

  • Free school meals

  • Introduction of Universal Credit (Clients waiting 5 weeks + without any money)

  • Benefit delay

  • Illness both physical and mental

  • Family breakdown through Domestic Violence


As a result of your support in the second quarter of 2021:



People have accessed the service 



Meals were delivered to clients in food crisis

That equates to approximately £13,815

Going back into the local community
For information on packing and any participation


Contact Sally 01142511048
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